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Susan's Story

Following is a snippet of her story, in her own words. "The journey really began back in 1995, when one morning while spending time with Father God I saw this home with single women and women with children with me supporting, guiding, and leading the way to freedom. You see, we can never take anyone to a place we have never been before and I have traveled, to quote Dr. Scott Peck, “the road less traveled.”  The first words in his book, “Life is difficult . . .” I read over 40 years ago now, which at that time signified the beginning awareness of a healing journey that would take me from a state of depression and anxiety to that of wholeness, freedom, and joy. I had no idea the life implications behind these first words of this book The Road Less Traveled and what they would mean for my life. I only knew life, as I was experiencing it, was not working out so well. I “knew” deep within that life was more than the emotional pain and the daily struggles I faced.

I have emerged from a place of dependency and powerlessness and have learned the skills, developed the abilities, and grown from my mistakes to a place of empowerment and freedom to be just who God created me to be. What I have learned is that this only happens in safe and vulnerable connections, through genuine relationships, through loving communities . . . something we all long for, something I was privileged to experience and that is what this opportunity to help others is about.

My story is long, however in short, as an art teacher (how that happened is another miracle God created in my life, but for another time), my heart ached for some of these students, yet it was burning for the parents, as I realized how my own woundedness had affected my children, and that many of these parents felt lost and alone . . . worthless, and were in reality fighting to make a better place for their children but not really knowing how. There were prophetic words spoken over me 15 years ago that align with the vision God presented to me that morning in 1995, what I experienced as a teacher, in ministry, as a counselor and what God is unfolding before us with WFMI expansion; a snippet of that word is as follows: “There are many desperate people, says the Lord, that just need a word of encouragement, a word of hope, a hand to the shoulder to bring them comfort or a smile and there is a spirit within you that does not intimidate people because there is a sincerity and a warmth and although at times there’s a timidity because you don’t like to be around people, the Lord says I am going to use the softness of your spirit to break the hardest hearts, and to allow them to be open that My spirit might go in and touch them. . . . . Women who may or may not even be in this church sitting and just pouring out their heart and weeping at your table, and you just kind of loving them, praying for them and, and seeing them brought forward and brought into a place of safety and growth in God.”

I am sharing my story because we believe God is calling us to step out so this vision becomes a reality; which leads us to this miracle that is happening in real-time, right before us. If your hearts are aligning with ours, please visit our donation page to see how you can support Wholeness to Freedom Ministries and Still Waters Brevard. 

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